13 Every-Day Things Americans Do That Are Rude Overseas!

America, in comparison to many western countries have plenty of similarities in both cultural and ethical perspectives. However, when traveling abroad through various countries and continents, the “game” of proper etiquette changes in a lot of ways. In many instances, making the wrong gesture or doing the wrong thing could mean the difference between making … Read more

Montezuma’s Gold

The fall of tenochtitlan to Tenochtitlan · Montezuma

In February 1519 a fleet of Spanish ships landed on the coast of Mexico. Onboard was a force of nearly six hundred Conquistadors; led by the infamous Hernán Cortés, they had come to Mexico to conquer the land and convert its people to Christianity. And if they all got filthy rich in the process, that was okay too!

The Budapest-Bamako Rally

When: January 17, 2010 Where: Budapest-Bamako After the country’s only commercial jet crashed, Hungarian born internet entrepreneur Andrew G. Szabo found himself stuck in the Guinean capital, Conakry, on a hot August morning. It’s not the most pleasant of places to be stranded, not even by African standards. He had to make his way to … Read more